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Located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, in Australia,

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia is a partnership with ATS Inc. of Isanti, Minnesota, USA


Discuss your research, study, and management requirements, taking care of all the details, and simplifying your purchase because you are dealing with a local company.

Advanced Telemetry Systems, ATS, has a vast range of high quality, reliable, transmitter and tracking systems at an affordable price.

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia wildlife transmitters
Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia wildlife tracking systems

​​ATS Inc.,  has over 50 years’ experience in wildlife tracking solutions for the researcher and conservation manager. From its earliest beginnings in 1963 when researchers at the University of Minnesota Cedar Creek Bioelectrics laboratory first began exploring electronic methods of tracking animals in the wild.
This commitment continued with the founding of Advanced Telemetry Systems in 1981 by a core group of engineers and biologists from Cedar Creek. These men and women had been instrumental in fielding the first successful automated animal tracking system
ATS Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Isanti, Minn., a rural community about forty-five minutes north of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This facility has grown rapidly over the years to keep pace with an expanding global demand for our innovative and cost-effective radio telemetry solutions.
Our mission is to provide researchers and managers in ecology and biology with animal tracking and monitoring products of the highest quality and reliability, at the best value for money.

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