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Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia Wildlife Tracking Systems

‚ÄčThe large variety of animal species is matched by the ATS range of wildlife transmitter and attachment methods to assist the researcher or manager perform their

research and conservation studies with the best possible wildlife transmitters and tracking systems. 400+ standard configurations of VHF transmitters.

Standard VHF transmitter configurations for; avian, fish, mammal, reptile, marine mammal.

The lightest "glue-on" VHF wildlife transmitter at just 200mg means a large variety of the lightest birds, bats, and insects, are now able to have a study involving radio-tracking. 

Wildlife transmitters and tracking systems built for quality and reliability.
Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia radio tracking transmitters
Attachment methods for practically every situation and study requirement. Each attachment method for wildlife transmitters has various options for battery life,

and transmitter circuit options. Glue-on, Collar, Rumen implant, Implant, Backpack, Leg Band, Tail Mount, Prong and Suture, Necklace, Tail Tag, Ear Tag, and many more.

A full range of wildlife transmitter circuit options to deliver the data you need;
Activity, Mortality, Altitude, Depth, Duty Cycle, Coded, Temperature.

Consultation is key to getting the right equipment for the job you have to do.
Every aspect of the product and the research/work you are considering can be discussed to ensure;

  • the technology is suitable for the goals you have
  • the attachment method, whether collar, implant, or the many other options are appropriate
  • the battery life and available operating options help meet your weight and fitting requirements
  • the products effective transmit range will be appropriate for your work
  • the product technology is appropriate for your  expected working environment
  • that the price is right

Advanced Telemetry Systems, ATS, has a vast range of high quality, reliable, transmitter and tracking systems at an affordable price.
A variety of radio transmitters available for with numerous attachment methods, battery life options and circuit options to suit all types of wildlife tracking requirements.

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia wildlife tracking systems

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia wildlife tracking systems

GPS Data Loggers and GPS Iridium and Globalstar satellite products provide options for increased data collection in wildlife research and wildlife conservation.

Iridium satellite product options allow for wildlife tracking solutions to be global, with the collar sending its recorded data via the satellite communications to you via email,

anywhere in the world where you can access your email.

Transmitter fact sheets can be
downloaded here
Lead times for delivery of VHF transmitter orders are generally indicated as 4 - 6 weeks, from time that the Order is confirmed. 

Actual delivery will be confirmed when the Order is placed.

To discuss your project needs, contact Craig; 

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Phone;    0429 464299            (outside Australia +61 429 464299

Advanced Telemetry Systems Wildlife Tracking Systems