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The 2018 conference of the Ecological Society of Australia will be held from 25 - 30 November 2018 at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane, Queensland.

Fish Passage 2018 - Conference Overview

The 2018 International Conference on River Connectivity (Fish Passage 2018), incorporating the First International Symposium on Hydropower and Fish Management, will bring together Northern and Southern Hemisphere fish passage researchers and practitioners to exchange findings and experiences on fish passage issues.

Fish Passage 2018 will be of interest to researchers, educators, practitioners, funders, and regulators who have an interest in advancements in technical fishways, nature-like fishways, stream restoration and stabilization, dam removal, environmental flows and fish responses, and the myriad of funding, climate change, and other socio-economic related issues surrounding connectivity projects.

Fishways have been an essential component of hydropower projects worldwide. The First International Symposium on Hydropower and Fish Management has been incorporated into Fish Passage 2018 as a venue to provide opportunities for researchers, managers, and the hydropower industry to discuss and collaborate on key topics. A Special Issue of Marine & Freshwater Research will be made available at the conference for manuscripts related to the themes in the Hydropower and Fish Management symposium.

In addition to the regular conferences all listed below, we will be planning workshop presentations at various locations, both in conjunction with conferences and as personalised events.

Presently in planning, we are hoping to be able to cater for a wide range of locales.

We are hoping to be able to provide presentations in all major cities, as well as the larger rural centres, particularly on the east coast.

​If you would to arrange a workshop/presentation in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The EIANZ Annual Conference is the Institute’s signature event each year, inspiring practitioners, and providing exceptional professional development and networking opportunities to EIANZ members and colleagues.
Our 2018 conference challenges us to look ahead, and to re-imagine how environmental practitioners deliver outstanding environmental outcomes – in the places we work and for the people within them – now and into the future.​

2018 NSW Vertebrate Pest Conference, 16 - 18 October 2018, Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour NSW.

At the 2018 Symposium, the theme of People, Planning and Practice will place a sharper focus on the three key elements for successful pest management in New South Wales.

2018 Events for Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia

AWMS 2018 Conference

Integrating wildlife management, nature conservation and production in land, river and seascapes

4 - 6 December 2018, The University of Tasmania, Hobart Tasmania

The Australasian Wildlife Management Society promotes the use of science to identify appropriate wildlife management principles and practices, to develop plans of management and to implement and review these plans within a social, environmental, economic and political context. 

People involved in this process include research scientists, educators, wildlife managers, and extension, interpretation and policy professionals