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ATS W500 Wireless GPS collar, UHF remote download, wireless programming

​Picture for reference, 1 x AA shown

G5 GPS Iridium collar, available with the same option materials as the G2110E2

G2110E2 with optional internal antennas, rubber collar and aluminum case, for difficult applications.

ATS GPS Iridium Collar

​G2110 E2

ATS GPS and Iridium models

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia has an ever increasing product list for GPS positioning solutions.

         Store on Board GPS                      Stores data on the collar until the collar is recovered from the animal

          Wireless GPS                               Stored data can be downloaded by UHF radio link during deployment

          Iridium satellite GPS                    Schedule data to be sent via Iridium satellite, global coverage

A very common form and cost effective wildlife GPS device would be the GPS Data-logger.
These are a store-on-board device, so the collars electronics stores the GPS fixes and data on the collars memory, and the user needs to retrieve the collar to download the data.

This process is made easier by having a VHF radio transmitter on the collar so that the researcher can locate the collar.
The collars also have a drop-off device. After a period of time set determined by the user the drop-off mechanism activates and allows the collar to drop to the ground. The researcher is able to locate the collar with the incorporated VHF transmitter and retrieve the collar without the need to trap or capture the animal. 

If you need to have a regular update on where your animals are, get your animal's data anywhere you get your e-mail!

"collar" refers to both the G2110E2 and the G5 models, GPS using Iridium communications.
You can easily program the collar using the supplied Windows-based software. You can control how often fixes are collected and stored, how often emails are sent to you (up to six per day, each holding up to 22 locations), and how often the VHF beacon will transmit (this allows you to maximize battery life).
Our Iridium Collar is part of ATS’s NextGen line of new, more capable GPS Loggers and Collars. The collar uses the private sector Iridium satellite to send stored location data collected by the collar’s on-board GPS receiver chipset. An integrated VHF transmitter allows you to track the animal in the field, and a collar release mechanism allows for collar  retrieval.
Location data stored in the collar’s non-volatile memory is sent periodically to the Iridium satellite, where it is down- linked to Iridium Corporation’s ground based reception and processing center, thence sent via the web to ATS’s Hosting Computer. The data is then automatically emailed to you according to the schedule you chose. A data file compatible with Google Earth is also included.

The key difference between the E2 and the G5 is that the E2 has a refurbishable case, and an integrated drop-off.

The G5 is not reuseable, it does not have the integrated drop-off, but the option timed drop-off can be ordered.

Advanced Telemetry Systems can tailor your system and eliminate the usual ongoing subscriptions charged for satellite data delivery.

All your data and emails can be included in the purchase of the collar.

Save money and time by not having to deal with monthly and quarterly bills coming in.


Lead times for delivery of VHF transmitter orders are generally indicated as 5 - 6 weeks, from time that the Order is confirmed.

Lead times for delivery of GPS orders are generally indicated as 6-9 weeks, subject to spec, from time that the Order is confirmed
Actual delivery will be confirmed when the Order is placed.

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