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ATS W500 GPS Wireless
Advanced Telemetry System Iridium collar

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia Wildlife Tracking Systems

​​​Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia wildlife transmitters

ATS GPS Iridium Collar

E2 model shown

ATS GPS Iridium Collar

G5 Iridium collar shown

ATS W500 Wireless GPS

from 65g ( 1 x AA),

UHF download

GPS positioning products for wildlife research and management may be divided into 2 important categories, and this relates to how the user obtains the data from the device;

          1.  Store-on-board. The user must recover the device and likely plug the device into their computer  to obtain the data collected by the GPS logger.

          2.  Remote download. The user may be able to wirelessly download the data from the GPS logger, this means that the animal need not be recaptured, and the user                         need not wait to the end of the deployment to obtain valuable information. Examples;

                      a.  UHF radio link is a line of sight technology so the user would need to be within range, anywhere up to a kilometer, but dependent on the environment and                                the equipment being used. 600 meters is the listed distance with the optional Yagi. refer to ATS W500 Wireless GPS

                      b.  Satellite. Communication systems such as Iridium provides 2-way communication

                           This technology gives the ability to send data from the GPS logger from practically anywhere on the planet, via the satellite network to ground stations, to a                                server for the user to access. refer to G2110E2 and G5 GPS Iridium 

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