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Many businesses at times have operational requirements to complete projects that are in addition to their normal business.

There can be a number of situations where this can occur, and in general;

  •  the business may not have the expertise available, or quite simply,
  • no-one with the available time

Call it a "Management Project", where a special management requirement is needed for;

  • a short term need, a specialised job.
  • a geographically remote job, new office or branch set-up,
  • an on-going but limited time need, advice, planning, and research.

It may not be possible for the business to retain a specialist on a full time basis, just doesn't fit the budget...yet.

Most other professional services (accountants, lawyers) are specialists, and in general cannot provide a broad

management solution. 

Your needs can be tailored to suit your budget, and the goal is get the best return on your investment


The Lowell Mallory Group Pty Ltd
The Lowell Mallory Group Pty Ltd works with its supply partners to bring specialist products to Australia and New Zealand.

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia

​ Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia is a partnership with ATS Inc. providing a localised contact to discuss your study and management requirements, taking care of all the details, and simplifying your purchase because you are dealing with a local company.

 Advanced Telemetry Systems, ATS, has a vast range of high quality, reliable, transmitter and tracking systems at an affordable price.​

With business partners in the USA, Germany, and Hong Kong, a wealth of access to markets is available also.
Products that require close consultation with the customer, to understand their individual requirements
If you have such a product, feel free to contact us.

If you are outside of Australia and New Zealand, and wish to inquire about the products, please do not hesitate to contact us.