ATS Australia will continue to provide excellent pricing and value for money transmitters and tracking systems.

The  Australian dollar is continuing to strain the pricing, and from time to time pricing is adjusted to reflect this.

Pricing from ATS Australia will still, and I will endeavour to always provide a discounted price over the direct importation of products.

The combined facilities of finance, importing, and freight arrangements means that it is still more cost effective to deal locally, along with the convenience, of local contact and local company.

Advanced Telemetry Systems tracking systems and products continue to provide the best value available.

Pricing strategy is being reviewed in line with the ability to capture the volatile movement in the currency rate, which has seen the Australian dollar stay reasonably stable against the USD into the beginning of 2017.

Many economists and commentators were expecting a decrease to continue down over the end of 2016 and into 2017.

Many were predicting low 60's, however this has not even been close. The new US political situation in the US has had some short term effects, but not in line with popular expectation, likely that any correction will be seen in mid 2017, and as any policy is rolled out by the US.

Recent increase in the US Fed interest rates did not immediately impact the AUD, however there is still the expectation over the long term this increase will impact the AUD, weak manufacturing figures from China will likely put pressure on the Australian dollar.

Going forward, where possible, discount will be offered for prepayment and short payment terms.

Your continued business and support is appreciated.

Your continued support will mean that we are able to provide the best transmitters and tracking systems at the best prices.


Craig Morrison

Managing Director

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia

Updated February 2017

Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia

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