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​​Tracking Receivers and Antennas

A tracking receiver designed for radio telemetry should be used to pick up the transmitter’s signal. An antenna is cabled to the receiver.

The frequency range of the receiver must match up with the frequencies the transmitters are using.
Advanced receivers utilize digital signal processing techniques, or DSP. Special filters are used to digitally sample the input audio signal and digitize it, using algorithms to process the data. This helps filter out spurious signals in very noisy environments, such as in urban areas.
For larger projects, receiver-data-loggers are used. This allows you to easily save tracking data while in the field, or leave the receiver in unattended operation.

In a simple homing system, a single antenna is used. Multiple antennas may be used in more complex operations.

The antenna is connected to the receiver using coaxial cable,.

 To maximize antenna gain and minimize signal loss, the shortest possible length of cable should be used.
Carry spare antenna cables while in the field.

The weakest point in the system is the cable and its connectors; they receive continual stress tracking in heavy brush.