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There are two key differences between the R410 and R2000/4000.
The R2000/4000 uses a much more sophisticated and more expensive filter than the R410. This will allow more noise to be heard on the R410.
The R2000/4000 have a shielded and separate VCO board, whereas the R410 VCO is part of the main circuit board. This will also allow more noise to be heard on the R410

These are the two main reasons of the added cost.
The R410 is really meant for someone looking for a low cost receiver that is light weight and is tracking minimal number of transmitters in fairly “quiet” areas.

ATS R2000 Scientific Receiver
For medium scale studies not needing datalogging
Standard wildlife VHF transmitters
Large knobs for ease of use
2 MHz range, 200 channels scannable
Rechargeable battery up to 8 hr. use
Carry case and battery charger included

(R4000 model – 4 MHz range 400 channels scannable)

ATS R410 Scanning Receiver
For smaller scale studies and basic ground tracking work
Standard wildlife VHF transmitters
Our most portable, lightweight model
4 MHz range, 400 channels, 50 scanable
Runs 18 hours on 4 "AA" alkaline batteries
Includes carry case

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