Wildlife Tracking Training

Training available via flexible and custom tailored courses to cover a variety of subjects related to animal transmitters and tracking systems
Kick-start the ability for your business to expand your work where monitoring involves the use of Radio Transmitters and GPS products.
Schools and Universities will benefit from the added knowledge to students and researchers.

Save time and money.

Topics; - How does this tracking "stuff" work?
            - Available technologies and limitations.
            - Radio transmitter specifications and selection processes.
                    Standard Transmitters.
                    Coded Transmitters.
                    Attachment methods.
            - Receivers and antennas.
                    Various types
            - GPS products, radio and satellite communication systems.
                    GPS Data loggers
                    GPS Wireless
                    GPS Iridium communications

    A course may be tailored to suit your requirements, number of people to attend, and different locations.
    Small businesses and organisations may benefit from attending a regional training course. 
    Subject to available positions. 
Contact us with your interest.

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